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Life and Career Transformation Mastering Your Mindset, Habits, and Skills for a Fulfilling Life

Author Name: Lammuansang Tombing | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Looking for a practical guide to transform your life and career? Look no further than "Life and Career Transformation" by Lammuansang Tombing. With a Master's degree in Psychology and over 20 certifications related to career development and counselling, Tombing is a renowned author, edupreneur, and expert in psychology and career development. In this book, he shares invaluable insights on transforming your values, perception, and self-esteem to achieve a fulfilling career and life. You'll also learn effective habits, time management, and daily routines to boost productivity and achieve success.

Whether you're a student, recent graduate, mid-career professional, or anyone looking to improve your life, "Life and Career Transformation" is a valuable guide to help you achieve success and fulfilment. With practical guidance on navigating career choices, finding your calling, and mastering high-income skills such as public speaking, writing, sales, and leadership, this book is packed with actionable advice to help you unlock your full potential. Order your copy today and start transforming your life and career!

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Lammuansang Tombing

Lammuansang Tombing is a highly dynamic author, edupreneur, and expert in psychology and career development. He holds a Master's degree in Psychology and is certified in over 20 training courses related to career development and counselling, which has given him a profound understanding of the power of learning and skills in life. Tombing is a passionate learner who has invested lakhs of rupees into enrolling in more than 55+ different (Skill) certification courses and is always seeking to expand his knowledge and expertise.

Throughout his career, Tombing has achieved several significant milestones, including counselling over 900 students and speaking at more than 200 career guidance seminars. He was awarded the "Bodhami Educator of the Year 2022" out of 1,515 career counsellors, a testament to his exceptional skills and expertise. Tombing has also provided different certification courses on his learning app,, which is dedicated to providing learners with the necessary tools to achieve success in life.

In addition to his academic and professional accomplishments, Tombing is a highly regarded published author, having written four books, including "Public Speaking Siam Diingdan," in paite language, which has received critical acclaim. His dedication to his craft and passion for helping others achieve their full potential makes him the perfect guide for anyone looking to transform their life and career. Tombing's insights are invaluable for anyone seeking success and fulfilment in their personal and professional lives. Tombing is truly an exemplar of the power of learning and skill.



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