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Life: Beginnings, The Present and Beyond Exploring Human Existence, The Purpose Of Life And The Prospect Of An Afterlife

Author Name: Nina Pasricha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

If pondering the meaning and purpose of life keeps you up at night, Life: Beginnings, Present and Beyond is a must-read!

This book urges and even challenges, its readers to explore the possible beginnings of humanity, the purpose of life on earth as well as the soul’s journey beyond death.

Nina Pasricha’s lifelong quest for the answers addresses those that all of us would invariably have asked at least once. And the experience is fascinating and possibly life-changing!

This book is a beacon of hope with its thought-provoking ideas on the amazing potential of Light Energy within every one of us.

~Puan Sri Merina Hew-Randhay~

Life: Beginnings, Present and Beyond discusses plausible answers on our beginnings while connecting the dots between common terms like Karma, Vibrations, Universal Energy, The Law of Intention, The Law of Attraction and The Afterlife.

Using our Inner power source, learn how to shift away from fear and turmoil towards peace, joy, contentment, tranquillity and connectedness.

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Nina Pasricha

Nina Pasricha is South East Asian at heart, having lived in Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia. She has been writing and editing for the past thirty years and has a wide repertoire under her belt.

Her career as a writer includes freelance copywriting, editing and working with the tourism industry. As a columnist for a women’s magazine, she introduced Internet usage to readers in the 1990s. She has authored a vegetarian cookbook while co-authoring several more.

Nina volunteers as a counselor, loves history and enjoys having deep and meaningful conversations about life and different beliefs. Her hobbies include dabbling in painting, craftwork and of course, reading.

What she is most passionate about though, is her extensive work and published articles on personal improvement.

This book is a culmination of her lifelong search for deeper answers on life — Why we are here, How we are meant to live and What happens when we leave our physical bodies.