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Life has a Song for Everyone A story of love, life and how meaning finds you

Author Name: Mayur Madhekar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What if life and love are throwing the same nightmares of the past at you over and over again? 

They suck! Don’t they?

Or is it the case that we’ve misinterpreted what love and life really stand for?

Till reaching the twenties, we all have survived something back in our pasts. Arvind and Sonali are no different. They find each other in their second year of engineering. Arvind confesses his love to Sonali. Although confused and not a firm believer in love, Sonali doesn’t reject, instead decides to be friends first. With time, their friendship and bonding bloom more.

That’s when life introduces Smitha into their skit, turning the tables in a way in which no one has ever imagined, making their lives a complete mess. Growing with confusion and complications, the three of them tangle in between the plays of love and life. From loving love to hating it, from believing in life to blaming it, will they ever unravel from this chaos? Will they ever find a meaning? Or will a meaning find them and blossom their lives forever?

Let’s find out.

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Mayur Madhekar

IT engineer by mind, a writer by heart, Mayur Madhekar has written this novel at the age of 20. Apart from his immense affection towards music, he loves to write poems and enjoys cruising on the untraveled roads of the city and life. Trees and solitude are the things he adores the most. When not involved in work, he tunes his guitar and sails in the sea of melody. He also loves to try new things which may range from performing magic tricks to learning the art of dancing. In every scene of life, he holds a firm belief in life and its methods to transform every individual into their best form. Through his personal life experiences, he has learnt to value happiness and sadness the same.

Mayur is an alumnus of Government College of Engineering, Amravati, and is currently working with Fresh Gravity Software Services, India, in the Data Science domain.


Instagram: mayur_madhekar



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