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Life in Quotes

Author Name: Sri Ramana Pemmaraju | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

If ever I was amazed by any species on this planet, it certainly is MAN and more so "ME" in particular. What really fascinates me is that, we are all 'taken over' by series of different and contradictory 'selves', which makes us do what We Do, yet we are unaware of its subtle nuances and influence it has on Us. 

If we were aware of the way we function, certainly one will admit that we are influenced by various multi-dimensional energies that drive the various facets of our everyday life catapulting across various planes be it physical, psychological, emotional, mental, astral etc.

This book with over 365 quotes captures the essence of our various 'selves'. It also features a self-evaluation workspace enabling its readers to delve into 'self-discovery' mode.

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Sri Ramana Pemmaraju

Sri Ramana Pemmaraju, (born Venkata Ramana Pemmaraju; 6 December 1982) is an English Writer, Columnist and has contributed his works in diverse fields such as Research, Publications and has ventured to various artistic pursuits through Articles, Quotes, Reviews in the areas of Arts & Humanities on Social & Evolutionary Psychology and is currently Technology Evangelist currently positioned as a Digital Transformation Analyst and Digital Storyteller and loves illustrating through designs.