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Life Lessons from Gitaji on New Society

Author Name: BRIJ MOHAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Life Lessons from Gitaji on New Society deals with social life with special reference to Indian way of living in introspection and the future ahead to find ways to live in peace and harmony as its age old philosophy has pronounced. The detailed history, the origins of age-old philosophy of human classification for functioning of the society has been discussed to understand the fundamentals of Indian society since Vedic period. The purpose is to understand the  age-old social values still imbibed in the contemporary Indian society, which has now undergone a sea of change due to changes in social, political and economic conditions.

The purpose of writing this book is to understand the undercurrent of present day’s social values so messed up in historical texts and contemporary social, political and economic conditions. The result of such phenomenon are visible through untouchability, casteism and communalism, which have cropped up due to misinterpretation of purity and hygiene (chuachut - untouchability), class system (varnashram) and equality of all religion (sarv dharm sambhaav). 

We find that Indian society faces challenges that are unfolding in present times and Gitaji’s wisdom is most relevant to guide the society towards a futuristic environment with its holistic approach. We should ponder upon the challenges unfolding before the young generation and how to cope up with those and to build up a new society free from the malice of casteism, communalism and indisciplined democracy with our rich heritage and wisdom of Vedic scriptures in general and specifically the wisdom of Gitaji.

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Brij Mohan Sharma, aged 67 years, is a thinker and writer who has authored more than a dozen fiction and non-fiction stories, works of drama and more than a hundred poems. He has got his stories, non-fiction works on Gitaji and poetry published. Some of his dramas and dance dramas have been performed on the stage.

He is a fellow of Former Scouts and was awarded the President Scout Badge by President of India. He is active in various social and educational services.

He is a fellow of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants and Institute of Company Secretary and has rendered professional services in various corporates for over forty years.