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Life on an Eversilver Plate Food memoirs of growing up in the 70s and 80s Madras. The meals we ate, the people who cooked them and the stories we shared

by A. Abhirami

Format: Paperback

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This is not a recipe book. You will find an occasional recipe but the book is more of a collection of stories about food and the people who cooked them. It is about growing up in a city by the seaside at a time when life was altogether more simple. It’s an homage to the women in the author’s rambling family, many of whose faces now grace the walls of her house and whose lives linger only in the food they once lovingly cooked for the family. This book is a throwback to a way of life whose rhythm was punctuated regularly by mealtimes. It is a gathering of stories, some long forgotten, some readily remembered but every tale a delicious mouthful.

Abhirami has lived in three countries, holds two nationalities and speaks five languages. She is a lifelong vegetarian who delights in inflicting her culinary creations on unsuspecting friends and deeply-suspicious family alike. She is currently moonlighting as a cook in a small cafe in Germany after spending years dabbling in the world of media. She grew up in Madras long before it became Chennai and still visits the city’s dusty old streets regularly looking for familiar faces hidden in its crevices. She loves to learn and is never more alive than when she is undertaking a challenge. She often tells her two boys that the most important ingredient in the dish that she has cooked for them is love. They promptly roll their eyes at her. Abhirami awaits your feedback at abhiarumbakkam@gmail.com

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Life on an Eversilver Plate





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