Indie Author Championship #6

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Light Filters in Poetry’s

Author Name: Ranjit Ree | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Amalgamation of thoughts , observations and experiences .

“You are the phase I could tell how much it means to me”
“But when it’s broke there is a life, but Love means nothing once it’s broke”

“My book is for all broken souls, or even hearts ♥ . Lost something or someone , and it or they were very important for you? Or went through an unwanted breakup’s ? And those who are going through heartbreak, pain, loss, anxiety, depression and those who feel lonely,Well this book is for you , It will surely heal you . “

I hope you will read this poetry’s.

I feel you.

It’s an True story of the Author, on the basis of his story he wrote these book full of poetry’s.


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Ranjit Ree

About the Author—Words make him feel alive and He can never end his day without writing the words that happened with his life. 
He loved a girl for years and what happened to him when she left is the story revolved inside in the form of poetic notion.

Ranjit Started writing when he realised the fact that people won’t always be there to listen his sorrows and worries but pen and paper will always be with him no matter what.

You can find more about him on Instagram handle @ranjit_ree_