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Love Me

Author Name: Chrissy Tyrianne | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the world of hopelessness, a young beautiful woman finds herself trapped and imprisoned by her traumatic experiences. Feeling desperate for freedom, she decides to fight back and get justice from her brutal and dangerous ex after years of living in distress. She then turn to a young gorgeous lawyer for help who later breaks down her wall and show her the path to love once again. She must free herself from her fears before she loses her one true love in the hands of her cold blooded ex. 

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Chrissy Tyrianne

She is just a girl with lots of dreams and imaginations. She was brought up in a broken family, sometimes here and sometimes there and truth be told it affected her a lot. She almost lost her life several times. She never got to see her parent faces—as frequently as she wanted to—as a kid. They were always busy working to provide for her and her younger sister in different cities and sometimes in different countries. 

Some nights they would just leave in the middle of the night without any goodbyes or sweet kisses. She would wake up crying longing to hear their voices and feel their warm embraces. She was desperate, she was longing for love, for care from anyone. This led her to make many wrong choices, which left scars in her for the rest of her life.