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Love Under The Spotlight

Author Name: Prasanna Ratanjankar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the heart of Bollywood’s glitz and the lively streets of Mumbai, “Love Under The Spotlight” plunges readers into the thrilling romance between Zeel Kapoor and Advait Chitre—a love story that rides the highs of fame and stumbles through the lows of passion.

Meet Zeel Kapoor, the brainy and reserved daughter of Bollywood legends. She’d choose the quiet buzz of classrooms over the blinding camera flashes any day. Zeel tries to keep life normal. But the ever-present cameras, fuelled by her family’s fame, turn her daily routine into a paparazzi parade—a reality she loathes.

Enter Advait Chitre, the charming troublemaker with a wit as sharp as his looks. Constantly at odds with Zeel, thanks in part to his stern college principal mother, Advait thrives on sparking fiery exchanges with her. Yet, when a media storm threatens Zeel’s carefully constructed world, it’s Advait who surprisingly steps forward to offer support. But can these two conflicting personalities find common ground, or will looming secrets pull them apart?

In “Love Under The Spotlight,” debut author Prasanna Ratanjankar crafts a tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery against the dynamic backdrop of Mumbai’s entertainment scene. Immerse yourself in this captivating narrative that unravels the intricate layers of identity and explores the toll of living in the limelight.

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Prasanna Ratanjankar

Meet Prasanna Ratanjankar, a full-time communications professional and a part-time dreamer – because, let’s face it, dreaming is a demanding gig. From her humble beginnings as a five-year-old bookworm, thanks to an uncle with a knack for gift-giving, Prasanna embarked on a lifelong romance with literature. ‘The World’s Greatest Story Book’ became her gateway drug to fairy tales, and rumour has it, it still holds a place of honour in her collection.

As she navigated the treacherous waters of growing up, Prasanna’s love for stories evolved into a deep and nuanced reading habit. Along the way, she also developed a love for languages, especially Spanish - all because she wanted to read Neruda’s poetry in its original Spanish. While she enjoys a good tale from any genre, her heart will forever belong to fantasy, magical realism and romance – because who needs reality when you can have dragons, situations that don’t need explanations and lovey-dovey plot twists?

When the time came to write her own book, Prasanna stuck to what she knew best – her beloved genres. ‘Love Under The Spotlight,’ her debut novel, is not just a story; it’s a full-blown love affair with Mumbai, Bollywood, and, of course, love itself and a first in a series of many more. 

Beyond her writing escapades, Prasanna wears the badges of a certified reader and a book hoarder with pride. Her impressive collection has grown to the point where it threatens to take over an entire room in her house, a space she shares with her husband, her mother-in-law, and the real stars of the household – Maggie and Noodle, the two dogs who know a good book when they chew one.