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Lullabies Through the Storm A Lavender Littered Path

Author Name: Anushka Saha | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

"Lullabies through the storm" is a collection of poems that lends a voice to imperfect and often overlooked female protagonists. It tells tales of women with nothing but lullabies to comfort them through terrifying storms; a display of strength in the face of struggle.

Instead of concealing it, 'Lullabies' focuses on the flaws and lack of conventional beauty. Each poem is different. Every new poem voices the struggles of a different woman, the severity of what they face, and the demons they’ve had to conquer across various stages of their life.

It takes its readers through a journey that includes some of the most heartbreaking moments in a person's life and helps them find closure. When you find yourself looking for rainbows and sunshine in the thick of grief and find that they only exist in fairytales, this book will help you learn how to make it through the storm.

It falls under the genre of fiction and explores themes of love, loss, violence, abuse, suffering, grief, and heartbreak.

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Anushka Saha

In my experience, people that grow up knowing pain, heartbreak, and sorrow, require homes and stories they can connect with; stories that make them feel heard and understood, a place where their struggles are not shrugged off as unimportant or simply too graphic to be talked about, and that is precisely what I am looking to provide through this book.

The women that came before me allowed me to find comfort in their words, and now I want to pay it forward. Through my poetry, I hope to make women feel heard. I hope they find themselves feeling a little less alone every time they flip through the pages of this book.

My trysts with abuse, grief, and suffering have helped shape this into what it is today. Trauma is a word as heavy as the consequences of enduring it, and having experienced it firsthand, I am aware of all that comes with it. And I am sharing my experiences with you through these poems to make it a safer space for others to speak about theirs or simply know that no matter how terrified they feel, they are not in this alone.