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'Maa...' A daughter's heart into words...

by Sanjana Butala

Format: Paperback

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Dear Mom,
I am sorry I was not so good—rather bad—when I was with you. I regret all my wrongdoings
and I am paying for it in the form of my daughter. Although I have good days, with my little
girl, and she always makes me smile but then we have those fights and misunderstandings
that me and you had. I repent for my misdeeds towards you and all the anger and hatred
I showed you when I started understanding the world. I had forgotten it was you who had
brought me in this world, in the first place.
Mom, is there something that I can do just to return some love to you? Is there any address
where I can post you this letter? Is there someone who can bring you back? Mom, come
back! Mom, come back!
Your regretting daughter
Is this the way you feel too? Are you grieved with your sins towards you mom?
Don’t worry then. It means that you are normal, just like me, trying to gather ways to
return your mom’s love and affection. In fact, people who come and go in life are most of
the times respected and shown love the most while the relationships that we must save till
the end are broken because of mere arguments. These bonds do not survive so strongly
between us because we take them for granted without appreciating or caring for them.
‘Mother’ is one of the greatest relations we all have, and in spite of the fact that we exist
because of her we never heed to give this great lady a chance of hearing gratitude.
No one likes regretting for mistakes, like the girl, who wrote that letter and so it’s time
that we start feeling indebted by a mother’s love and efforts, if you don’t want to end up
repenting for your lost mother. The greatest fact that you have picked this book out from
the numerous books that your store or library has, is because you know that somewhere
you are doing wrong by insulting your mother and neglecting her. All these days, like me,
knowingly-unknowingly you have wished to acknowledge your mom’s pains and respect
her a bit more, and I assure you that with this book in your hand, there will be no other
reason left, why not to thank her again and again, forever.

Sanjana Butala

A blooming bud amongst the vast society of poets.

Sanjana, now aged 13 yrs., was born in New Jersey, U.S.A. This upcoming poetess has been writing poems since age four. While in New Jersey, at the age of 6 yrs., two of her poems were published in the newsletter of Martin Luther King Jr. School, Edison, New Jersey, U.S.A...She spent her first 7 yrs. in New Jersey and then due to parental divorce case came to India. It was difficult for her to adjust to the new changes and writing poetry, earlier her passion, now became a way to express her emotions. She started participating in online international poetry contests where she received star ratings for some of her poems. Her poems can still be found on voicesnet.com, poetry4kids.com, etc. She has also received several accolades in poetry recitation and poetry writing competitions in her school.

She has successfully published her first two poetry books—‘Hindu Deities’ and ‘Maa…’. Supported and motivated by her mother, she is also working on her third planned poetry book, titled ‘Life Insights’ comprising the poems about the wisdom she gained by withstanding the different shades of life at such a tender age.








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