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Make Your First Robot "1. Robotics programming for beginners. 2. Foster your Creativity using Inexpensive Robots. 3. Program a Robotic arm to help yourself. "

by Vineesh Kumar K K

Format: Paperback

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Make your First Robot will help students to build and program their first robot using Arduino. It starts with an introduction of the hardware and software required to build and program the robots. The concepts are explained with simple analogies. Detailed explanation of the functionalities and programming of each hardware component are given. Integration of all the hardware components and programs to make a fully functional robot is explained for a mini Path-finder and Robotic Arm. Inexpensive components are used to build these robots. This book will flourish your imagination to the next level of robotics.

Vineesh received a master degree from the Birla Institute of Technology. Since July 2005, he has been working as a software engineer in a semiconductor company. He is very passionate about Robotics and Internet of Things. He spends his leisure time for building robots, home automation and teaching robotics to school students.



Make Your First Robot





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