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Man! Know thyself Guide to Self-realization

by V. M. Upadhyaya

Format: Paperback

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In this book, ‘Man! Know thyself.’ the author, V. M. Upadhyaya has brought out the hidden secrets, not yet uncovered, of the Adwaita Vedanta from the original Upanishats and the commentaries of Shri Shankaracharya in a lucid and simple, but effective style so that even the one without the basic knowledge of Vedanta can easily grasp the precious thoughts of the Vedic sages. His penetrating sight into the seminal words and sentences of the Upanishats accompanied with his heuristic experience along with his ability to express them in simple, slow, repetitive but effective style is sure to help the readers to tear away the superimposition that has blurred the Eternal Truth hidden in them. This is altogether a different way of discerning the Adwaita Tattva. The ignorance of the other way of thinking which is hinted by Shankaracharya in his commentaries is the cause of injustice done by the others to Adwaita Tattva. Brahma Vidya is not erected on a religion and so everyone interested in it deserves to know it. Here the secret of Brhma Vidya is uncovered tactfully and is convincingly put before the earnest seeks after the Absolute Reality, and hence the book serves best as a guide to Self-realisation. As this is the path of knowledge the book demands no exertion of any kind from the practitioner, instead leads him to complete pacification.

The author V.M.Upadhyaya was born in a well-known Purohit family at Bhatkal. He had his graduation from Karnataka University Dharawad, and M.A. from Shivaji University Kollhapur. He started his job as a teacher and then became the headmaster of the High school. After retirement he took up the much cherished study of Vedanta. As his friends and well-wishers persuaded him to write he started writing in Kannada. The first book he wrote - Poorna Satya- was published by the President, Sri. Ramakrishan Ashrama, Yadavagiri, Mysore, 570020.; and the next six books, Marana-Paraloka-Punarjanma ?/ Atmanveshane/ Adwaitanubhava/ Adwaitanusandhana/ Manthana/ and Brahmasootrada Adhikaranapancakada Shankara bhashyada Nididhyasa- were published by H.H. Shri Gangadharendrasaraswati Swamiji , the president, Bhagavatpada Prakashana, Swarnavalli Mutt. Sonda, Sirsi- 581336. Karnataka. His desire to make the precious knowledge of Adwaita reach as many people as possible motivated him to write in English. The result is this book.



Man! Know thyself





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