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Management from Heart For the New Generation

Author Name: Anil Kumar Bhatia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Past 6-7 decades have seen ‘Organizations turning into Offices’. My generation, GenX being largely responsible for it. I firmly believe that a time has come and the new generation has already started the journey to change ‘Offices back into Organizations’. The process has started. This is an effort to bring forth some factors which have to be addressed using the new technological developments to build wonderful, happy and ‘work-full tension-free’ Organizations leading to happy societies, nation and the whole world.


A common story - Jack and Jill were overjoyed to join my Organization. They celebrated with their families and friends. They started picturing and dreaming about their new assignments. Wonderful expectations and all positivity in the thoughts. Our management and associating Associates were also very happy to have associated (old school recruited/hired) the best.

As a senior management isn't it wonderful to have such positive energy?

What can I do to keep this level of positivity till the retirement age of every Jack and Jill who Associates with my Organization?

No power in this world can restrict the growth of my (our) Organization if we can sustain this positivity...


Why do the bright candidates start looking for greener pastures soon after joining…?

Why do the wonderful candidates become dull and unfriendly Associates after joining…?

It all starts from the top… We hire readymade packages to take care of our issues and we want to get the job done, our way. Humans are not capital, assets or resources. Humans are Management Associates.

We all have to associate the candidates to build them into our Management Associates. Associations have to be for long-term. Simple but not easy…but, worth the effort definitely.

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Anil Kumar Bhatia

During my lifetime I learnt, practiced & implemented various management techniques and practices. With primary exposure to steel making, it was a journey from Supervisor, to Manager, to Project leader, to Entrepreneurship, to Marketing, to Plant Head... A practical experience of being a Provider (Manager) for teams of Associates from a small team of 11 to Organization head with over 1000 Associates.

First 15-20 years were dedicated to learning about Management through teachers, trainers, books and practical implementation of the learnt concepts. The journey always left me a feeling of not being complete and relevant. 

In 2005 an awakening, which started from my mother, my father and other relationships, revealed that Head, Heart and Guts are inseparable and cannot be isolated. It became the basis of my own style of management, which is now: ""MANAGEMENT FROM HEART"". The concepts drawing the foundations from: 

Use your Mind which is a well mixed blend of Head, Heart and Guts.

Seek help from nature and relationships.

Made me what I am.

All my experiences of next 17year period blossomed into this concept. Now, my aim is to share the intricacies of this concept with Millennials/Gen Y and Gen Z. My 35years experience taught me that somewhere the takeover of Gen X, my generation, from our parents was not perfect. During past 6-7decades we created a culture which converted ‘Organizations into Offices’. Further, experience & exposure of our generation created a shift between what we are and what we pretend to be. 

The concept of ""MANAGEMENT FROM HEART"" is an attempt to bring back the unity of ""Head and Heart along with Guts"" into the world of management. The simple but not easy method to be successful in life, business and management is to BE HUMAN.



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