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Marbella Music Men Volume II

Author Name: Pankaj Saini | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Badoga has super powers now. He can skydive without a parachute and land on the ground without hurting himself. His reflexes are quicker than ever. His wounds heal instantly. The ‘Haryanvi’ in him is ready to resume his role of a night-vigilante in Bengaluru and deliver some street justice. But a misadventure propels him on a journey far from his city. 

Under the watchful eye of Marbella, Badoga delves deeper into the world of Music Men. He is eager to find out what the ‘music’ in ‘music men’ stands for? But the more he learns, the more questions arise. The tales of the Music Men are interwoven with myths and science. What does he do when this new knowledge challenges his understanding of the world? Does his impulsive nature get the better of him?

And who is Marbella really? Another superhero or a goddess? Badoga has known her as an ordinary human for a decade. Can he truly trust her as one of the Music Men? 

She refers to Morrhen as God. If so, is there a Devil as well? She seems to know a lot. But how much does she reveal to Badoga? 

Join Sartaj aka Badoga as he narrates his life altering and apocalyptic experiences with the powerful and mystifying Music Men.

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Pankaj Saini

Pankaj Saini continues to feed on his fascination with the old religions, languages, music and space to explore and enhance the eccentric world of the Music Men. Through their exploits, he offers a modern saga that has arcane origins and an alternate, yet entirely plausible, future for mankind.

This is the second volume in the series. He is currently juggling his tech job with travel whilst working on the next volume. He is also struggling with a guitar. 



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