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Masks & Layers

Author Name: A*k² (a Times K-squared) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

What’s this book about? 

A journey into darkness to find the light
To travel within to discover the self.

To recraft destiny by taking responsibility 
For what is by learning from what was.

To explore the myriad possibilities of life
Experiment with creating independent joy.

Chapter 1: Darkness & Light
If I could ask the devil
Just one thing,
This would my question be:
“If I refuse to be tempted,
What can you offer me?”

Chapter 2: Words
Not to destroy.
To Build.

Chapter 3: Life
Wait for life’s curveballs
Allow them to mold you into
Who you were meant to be.

Chapter 4: Masks & Layers
Of all the Masks & all the Layers,
Who am I on the inside?
Of every decision
I let the world make for me,
How many are truly mine?

Chapter 5: Self-Discover
What’s it about?
It’s about you.
Who you are,
How you see yourself,
And who you decide to be.

Chapter 6: Learning is Growing
Re-visit your past.
It’s important to understand
The demons that 
Havoc your present.

You cannot un-see, 
So re-see.
Retell the story
In a way that 
Empowers you.

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A*k² (a Times K-squared)

A human on the journey of discovering the self capturing moments and presenting them. Candidly. I'll look forward to seeing you!



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