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Master Direct Selling A Pitch Your Prospect Cannot Reject

Author Name: Srinivas S N | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Many people whom I have come across working in sales tell me that sales is the most challenging professions to be in. In this book you will be able to understand very clearly what sales is, what are the dos and don’ts in selling. When you complete reading this book you will become a through professional in sales. When I started my career in sales two decades ago, the training that was provided to me both on the product and the selling skills was imparted to me by my manager, yes I did learn from him and went ahead and executed what he asked me to do without any questions asked. Yes it worked for me as I believe it would have for many of you. Having said this I did not really know if that is how it was really supposed to happen? was this the best ways of selling. The most important thing that was running in my head was why am I supposed to do it the way I was asked to do it? I mostly did not get an answer to that question, the question of “why” am I supposed to do it this way? as I moved into training and development in my carrier I was forced to ask this question to myself. I started seeking answers to questions that I didn’t not have an answer to when I was in sales. I did this because my role as a trainer demanded me to do this. This made me uncover more information about sales and selling. The art part of selling along with the science part of selling. Then I went on to execute several training program’s on sales and selling skills across the country for more than a decade. I thoroughly enjoyed my stint as a corporate trainer this decade of experience in sales training made me understand that immaterial of the industry that you work in, the selling process is all the same only with minor changes done. Once you complete reading this book you will be ready to sell any product or service.

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Srinivas S N

Srinivas S N is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and a hotel management graduate. He has more than 6 years of experience in Sales and more than 14 years in Training and Development.  He has worked with companies in Training and Development like Club Mahindra, Airtel, The Lalit and Casagrand.  His last employment was with Casagrand as a VP Training and Development. During his tenure in training and Development he has designed and redesigned process for various organisations and  helped them to achieve their business goals. 

After helping many organisations achieve success, during 2018 he decided to pursue his ambition of starting his own company and launched “Azpirehi Business Solutions”,  this company got into 2 verticals which were into Sublimation Printing (absprints)  and Business Consulting Services (Success Dimensions). He ensured that both those companies achieved great results in the past 3 years and maintaining good growth even during the testing times of Covid. Recently he also went on and Co-founded “Thiram Sports Academy '' one of Chennai’s largest multisports training academies and a sports infrastructure development company.  

Apart from this Srinivas S N is also an active Youtuber who runs his channel named “Success Dimensions” which offers guidance on how to run a business successfully. This is a Tamil YouTube channel. 

Srinivas has offered training and consulting services to top companies like

1. Navins 

2. Casagrand 

3. Radiance 

4. GSquare 

After quite a lot of consideration Srinivas decided to offer consulting services for SME's and Start-up’s. He believes that these companies are the ones who would require more consulting rather than reputed and settled organisations.