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ME - Blue Magic

Author Name: Srinivasan G. Chari | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

ME- Blue Magic is a fiction in the garb of stark realities the society is faced with and harnesses the grit to cope with it and emerge stronger in the utmost fierceness of societal woes and throes. It brings up the volatility of minds and the devastation and benefits they can entail and yield to society, knowingly or unknowingly. 

The beginning and middle portions of the story reflect all of that and the climax exposes the community happenings and societal ironies and the helplessness of governance to some extent. It also talks about individual stories and their inherent capabilities and inabilities alike.

The story pans across Urban as well as Rural demography and dynamics while hinting at cultures, socio-economic systems, comforts, and despair, endeavoring to encompass all age groups, depicting the importance of human emotions, relationships, and bonding, prejudices, hedonism, humility, treachery & betrayal, pain; apart from that, the most distinct aspects of the mettle of women and women empowerment, their self-reliance and independence; the importance of education, contrasting with selfishness, self-gratification and a lot more.  

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Srinivasan G. Chari

Srinivasan Chari comprises over a decade and a half of the far-reaching exposure in content areas, writing from features and editorials to the humongous world of corporate communications tools.

He has been consummate with crafting Advertorials, Press Releases, Presentations, Authored Articles, Business Writing, Content Writing and Development, and so on. He has been proactive towards contributing to Corporate Organizations and Publications; besides, his involvement in Public Relations, Press & Media Communication, and Co-ordinations, and so on, for NGOs and Institutions.