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meaning of being alive a spiritual wordbook of prose verses poetree

Author Name: aashish vaishnava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

"mba ~ meaning of being alive" is a spiritual book of words to express the meaninglessly meaningful life coming straight from author's heart. the irony is, av has to give meaning to words to make you understand that life is not in the words we use, not the meanings we give, not the thoughts we think.

life is when the meanings are dropped & you listen to the silence between the words. the journey of spirituality starts with questions, like who am i? why am i here? what is the purpose of life? etc. all the answers to life questions are in the now, so please don't get stuck to what, when, where, why, who & how? av's search for the answers ended when he realised that all the questions are answered only when the search ends. “the answer lies in not seeking the answer”.

mba is a spiritual book to uncover the present moment in every area of life realising fears, judgments, preconceived notions and all the self~created doubts. this book opens timeless possibilities in the now to explore the unexplored you within. the author's spiritual insights on the meaninglessness of life by giving meanings to lifeless words. so, please don't get driven by words & meanings as the journey on spiritual path is the destination of material world. when journey is destination, when end is the beginning, when material is spiritual, when life is death, when black is white & time is timeless, it is the ultimate reality of the present moment which is right here, right now!

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aashish vaishnava

master of being alive
spiritual philosopher
poet & author

av has travelled & schooled in various parts of india. the diverse exposure to multidimensional spiritual & religious heritage made him interested in philosophy, psychology, theology, ontology, occultism, art & mysticism at an early age. av is a management graduate from indian institute of management, kozikhode (iim-k). he soon realised that his journey is from master of business administration to master of being alive. ​

av & meditation are in a relationship from many years based on a very strong spiritual connection. his meditation journey has gone through many schools of thoughts including vipassana, tao, zen, mindfulness, yoga etc. which makes him come closer to the reality of now. he strongly believes that life is to be lived moment to moment rather than delaying & searching for what is already here. the universe might have planned for av to experience life through universal guidance & blessings to uncover a spiritual philosopher, poet & author within.



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