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Melancholic Diaries Guy who owns it

Author Name: Kushagra Bansal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is not about heroes, Nor is it about deeds or lands, nor glory or honour. This is a Melancholic Poetry book which will make you feel the essence of loyaly and trust in relationship. Poems on various subjects written at different times and prompted by very different feelings; But which will be read only one time under the influence of one fet of feelings.

Back to 1920's, The passion and compassion of common people towards their Ruler, Partner or any leader tells you the real meaning of loyalty, Words and trust. The motive of this book is to let people understand that love is not a word to use for random and casual/ temporary bonds. It's not a decision to be taken forgranted or in aearly days of your life. Never give up on those who dedicate their life to you.

Melancholic Diaries is a combination of sour and sweet memories. It has two sides from which a reader with a broken heart can relate whereas a reader with a soul partner can feel the presence of relationship.

It's time to hold your tears and get ready to face the reality and understand the difference between love, Lust, Affection, Compassion and Life.

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Kushagra Bansal

My work is about experiences which create emotions and feelings. I try to express these in words, turning thoughts and feelings into letters, words and sentences. My inspiration is life itself, and the journey there of. The experiences we go through in relationships and interactions with those special people in our lives. Life is a journey, full of feelings and emotions, ups and downs. Along the journey we travel to places and meet different people, through these interactions stories are born. The journey should be pure, always with good intentions, this way we can live in positive mind.



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