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Mind Under Construction Recreate your teenage years,renovate your life, reconcile your issues and revel in the construction of your mind

Author Name: Yashvi Jain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

This book is for all teenagers, those who were once someday and those who will be one day.

In this book, you can find ways to

★ Enhance the experience of your teenage years.

★ Shape or rather construct your mind.

★ Relate with the experience of others on this eventful journey.

★ Get inspired by the life of other teenagers.

'Mind under construction' depicts the author's experience as a young teen. The issue which she faced and how she overcame that. This book aims to fulfill the 4Rs:- 

Recreate your teenage years. Let this recreation be your best one to make you do good. Get in work to make your teenage years better.

Renovate your life. Your thoughts, yourself, your mind needs to be renovated not to make it new but to improve it.

Reconcile your issues. To reconcile your issues you need to reconcile yourself. Be reconciled to reconcile 

◆ And most importantly to revel the process of construction of the mind as it depends on it. Celebrate every time to construct every day yourself and your mind.

If you want to fulfill these 4R's, grab your copy now!!!

The journey doesn't end here. More will be on the list, more to read.

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Yashvi Jain

I am Yashvi Jain a teenager. I am founder of Youtube channel An Engaged Soul where I upload motivational videos and some spoken poetries. I have my Instagram page @an.engaged.soul where I post some quotes and sayings of mine.  Moreover, I am interested in speaking and aspiring to be a publoc speaker in future. 'Mind Under Construction' is my debut book and I am going to write more such books.