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Modi's India

Author Name: Ashish Shukla | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Modi has been a man of destiny, immensely popular even after 10 years. Masses adore him for what he has done to their lives and the respect he evokes on global stage. Yet little in his praise appears in print and his legions of detractors are almost hostile to him. This book throws light on these dark forces who are doing everything to bring him down.

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Ashish Shukla

Ashish Shukla is a geopolitical author with prolific presence in international media. His books: "How United States Shot Humanity" and the recent one, "Russia Forever - A Future Foretold" have been hailed by lumanries for its insight and how it busts the narrative peddled to us by media and academicians.

Among many international publications, Ashish has had a stint with as an OpEd writer. He has appeared on Al Jazeera and his columns are regularly published in to which he is a publisher. He also runs a geopolitical show "WiseHeads" on YouTube.

Ashish believes that masses are kept in dark and in a matrix by the mainstream media which is nothing but a forward agent of the elitist forces of this world. Its the most important weapon globalists have to keep citizenry deluded while they work in the background to keep their hold on the world. Breaking free of media is breaking free of this bondage.