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Mother Down the Memory Lane

by Ashok Iyer

Format: Paperback

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The very word mother symbolizes the deity of love care and affection and is considered as the purest of relationship mankind ever can have. I am reminded of famous line of poet describing mother: “ CHOTA THA JAB AAKHEN GILI HOTI THI TAB TUM YYAD AATI THI AUR AAB JAB TUM YAAD AATI HO AAKHEN GILI HOTI HAI…”

The author of this Ashok Iyer book is Company Executive working for multi product multi location Indian Group having Global Presence . Though this is his maiden attempt and has writing interest in subject related to human relationship nature and children. The current subject relates to women in general and Mother in particular. The idea is to reach out to common man and strengthen the fast fading human relationship which is essence of any civilization . Hope the targeted audience is able not only well receive the message but also are able to relate them in more than one way.







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