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Muhammad Man and Prophet

by Moin Qazi

Format: Paperback

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The life of Muhammad has provided inspiration to Muslims for hundreds of years .The Prophet occupies a unique place in the life and conscience of Muslims. For them, he was the most perfect of God’s creatures, and he was, according to a famous Arabic poem, not just a man among men but like a ruby among ordinary stones. The life of the

Prophet has inspired the development of a vast body of literature over the centuries. Authors in every genre have written about Muhammad. Qur’anic commentators and jurists use examples from his life to explain obscure scriptural passages or argue in favour of particular rules. Ethicists give advice based on his conduct and precepts. Mystics derive elaborate symbolism from his Night Journey and Ascension. Muhammad: Man and Prophet is a unique attempt to combine the life and teachings of the Prophet into a coherent narrative.

Moin Qazi has doctorates in Economics and English literature and has spent more than three decades in the development sector. He was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Manchester.He has also served on deputation to the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Rome and Ministry of Rural Development Government, of Malaysia. He has authored four collections of poems for which he was awarded an Honorary DLitt at World Congress of Poets held at Istanbul. At college he was awarded the UNESCO World Politics Essay Gold Medal and the Gandhi Centenary Essay Gold Medal.






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