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Musings: On Social Life

Author Name: Arun Sapre | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Human behavior under diverse social conditions is complex and puzzling. Driven by experience, ambitions, struggles, passion, emotions, social situations, etc humans try to find ways to survive and progress. Every individual and situation is unique and shapes up differently. Yet there exists a common thread or a general pattern showing a natural trend. It is reasonably possible to understand this trend if one keeps free from biases, strategies, ideologies, or closed thinking. Positive thinking could provide a picture that would be closer to reality. Peculiar social realities could be better understood within a general pattern. Based on daily experiences, one develops some understanding of the diverse behavior of the people around. It has a strong and reasonably discernable social context. Collating and shaping these thoughts on diverse social topics needs efforts to shade out unrealistic content and take insight closer to reality. The topics covered in the book are of common interest and readers may find them closer to their daily experiences. Overall, there is a message to be positive, going closer to the natural processes and taking a balanced view even in puzzling situations. Understanding social issues is a utilitarian exercise, diverse, unending, interesting, and even relaxing. Contributing to this dispassionate exercise is always a pleasure for anyone.

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Arun Sapre

Arun Sapre is a Physicist and professional scientist. Aged 74, he is stationed in Mumbai, India. He is involved in facilitating research, technology generation, and transfer. Well read, in a wide range of subjects, he has published over 50 articles and research papers on various scientific topics. As a hobby, he has been writing on topics related to human nature, social and development issues of common interests, for limited circulation. The current book “Musings: On Social Life” is a compilation of a few of the unpublished articles he has written related to social issues. His recently published book “Musings: On Human Nature” covers articles related to understanding human nature. He has extensively traveled and interacted with diverse academicians, scientists, administrators, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The views are his own.