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Oath of Hippocrates

by Sudarsan S

Format: Paperback

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Medicine – Indispensable profession, inscrutable practices, infinite source of money

Youth – Unassuming profile, unbending morals, untiring tenacity

The medical profession is a noble one. Absolutely. Medical professionals? That is a different story.

Based on real events, Oath of Hippocrates is the story of a medical student who skips his final exams at the risk of rustication, seeking to learn the trade, tricks and treachery incognito. It is the story of every man who seethes and rails at the seeming lack of ethics in the mainstream medical system, the lack of transparency in interactions and the practitioners’ distaste for alternative systems of medicine that may offer succour to a patient. The telling narrative takes the reader through the confrontation of men with collision of values – one of might and one of right, with a cross-country chase culminating in a simmering showdown of wits.

Flip open ... if you are ready to change your perspective on the noblest profession.


Sudarsan is an Information Technology industry veteran, with stints in small, medium and large corporations in India, West Indies and the U.S. Pursuant to quitting IT in 2011, Sudarsan  has been dabbling in many things, prime among them being e-learning. Away from e-learning, he has found time to complete his first novel Oath of Hippocrates and is working on a collection of IT short stories based on his experiences with IT life.

Among the unusual things to his credit, Sudarsan has seen marine life 150 ft below sea-level (through a sub-marine cruise off Barbados), test-driven a cycle-rickshaw in Singapore and is currently attempting to ride a unicycle.

You can connect with Sudarsan and add your voice to the discussion at http://sudarsan.scribe.im



Oath of Hippocrates





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