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Author Name: Ubair Fayaz Fazili | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Pain(t), is a contraction of pain and paint, it is unconventional and has a constructive meaning confined between its spaces. This book has a wide channel to move through your lungs, to reach your heart and tug at your strings ever so gently. The pain of certain handheld emotions that forayed through your chest: longing, absence, love and various other nuances that eventually led to an ache in your heart are protrayed in this book with a bittersweet promptness. A collection of poems written over a few years, taking shape as a book in your hands by using pain as a stimuli to express the disposition of your secret love song – like a painting in your mind.

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Ubair Fayaz Fazili

Ubair Fayaz Fazili was born in December, in a remote village outside the city and had no direct access to literature. His father did not write stories and there is essentially no background that’d narrow down how the writing trait came to inhibit him. He was introduced to literature when he was 15 and was caught amidst its charm; eventually helping him to be able to make up for his consequential lack of expression.

In a parallel world, if he was good in science, he'd have been a doctor, instead he had to reappear in his higher secondary exam. Apparently, that seemed to work in his favor. He is 21, currently a student of Humanities in Kashmir and writes blogs about his socially awkward life, and uses his friends as characters in the events that happen in and around the daily life of Amar Singh College. He's been featured in a few magazines and is usually found trying to dodge social confrontations by pretending to be lost in his own world.

He lives away from Srinagar, in a small village that had its own share of conflict and is trying his best to leave it.

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