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Pandemic Blue Neck Threat Made In A Lab

Author Name: Dieter Gartelmann | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

America is broken. Violence in the streets, thugs walking around with assault rifles. Trump election rallies spreading Covid-19 five-fold in the last 4 months of 2020. After claiming his election was stolen, he urges the January 6 uprising.

The new president faces bigger problems. A new blue neck virus arrives, as deadly as the Spanish Flu, a hundred times worse than Covid-19. And yet they are trying to make the deadliest viruses possible in Biowarfare Security Lab right now. One mistake, end of Humanity. Lockdowns are ordered and the protest movement decides otherwise. Soon the daily death toll hits 80,000, twenty times the December 2020 count.

Bodies are tossed into mass graves.

But those were only facts. The story is about how people react to the disaster.

When the Army was asked to take over all civil matters, protestors took on the Army and lost. And how did kids fare when parents came back with that new virus, dead 3 days later.

This book is a love story. Love for kids

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Dieter Gartelmann

Gartelmann came to Australia from Germany in 1953, went to school, and with a scholarship studied engineering but worked the last 50 years in IT. Then he took up writing, and Pandemic is his second book. It was born in anger and frustration at the Trump election rallies and the lockdown protest movements in Melbourne Australia. His first book Destiny Cottage is a love story of a Chinese couple traveling from Shanghai to the Australian Bendigo Gold fields. That included an 8-year-old glorious Chinese orphan girl who inspired a much-loved four-year-old girl in Pandemic.