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Partner In Success Guidebook On Distributor Relationship Management

Author Name: Amitabh Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

If you are looking for answers on how to create a winning partnership with your distributor, you’re at the right place. This book will take you through the entire journey and prepare you for it. I’m sure that you’ll not only enjoy reading this book but will be able to relate to all the incidents and examples described in it (and the ways to manage them). It is a comprehensive book which will start from the day of your first meeting and will take you through the entire journey to make it a success. This book is meant for all the Relationship Champions who want to make their “Partnership with the distributor” a grand success. 

Testimonial: The key to scalable business growth is the capability to build and leverage an efficient distribution machinery for sales. Amitabh's book, written based on his deep experience, serves as an excellent practical guide to understanding the complex dynamics of this symbiotic relationship and provides concrete ways and means to manage it successfully.

                                                                                                                         Sameer Kulkarni

                                                            CEO, Simplicate Creations Pvt. Ltd., MBA (IIM Ahmedabad)

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Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar did his bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1992 in Electronics and Power from Nagpur University. He started his career in the IT industry and later moved to Insurance. Post his first year in the professional world, he entered distributor management. In both the industries he developed a deep understanding of distributor management. In between he was an entrepreneur for 6 years as a distributor himself. Later he re-entered the corporate world and did very well in his career with the skills developed. He has over two-and-a-half decades of distributor management experience and has captured his learnings in the book. His brother is a Ph.D. and professor in Zoology and sister is an engineer working in the senior ranks of a Government of India enterprise. He has two daughters. His elder daughter is studying engineering and the younger one is preparing for higher studies. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn (@amitabh-kumar-228ab48) Twitter (@kumar_amitabh22), Quora (Amitabh-Kumar-64) or Instagram (@askamitabh).