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Pebbles from Oceanshore of life

by Archana Chowdhury

Format: Paperback

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In Pebbles from Oceanshore of life, Archana Chowdhury, yoga-practitioner studies with humane interest diseases of the ‘Soma’ to realise the ‘Soul’. The result is an astonishingly eloquent compassionate biography of fellow human beings interweaving life, health disease in totality with endeovour to realise higher domains of existence.

The stories are connected with human ignorance, beliefs, faith, misconceptions and cures of diseases. The characters from real life range from the illiterate, socially marginalized rural ones to medical students, doctors, the elite and also terrorist and yogis. The book marches gracefully weaving stories of case of smallpox, rabies, cardiac, respiratory diseases, malignancy to end-stage-renal disease, dialysis and transplantation.

The book is a lucid and beautiful journey of a physician from entry to medical school till more than thirty years in the profession. It is a gripping, flowing tale of life, existence, body, mind, soul, matter and consciousness woven across time and space. The manner of presentation is that of a learner, learning humbly, bowing with humility to the Master.

Insightful and intuitive ‘Pebbles from Oceanshore of life’ provides panoramic view of human diseases in the larger perspective of life. It gives fascinating glimpses of art, science and spirituality in medical profession. Teachers and students, practitioners of medicine as well as the non-medical people will relate with the stories of humanity.

Archana Chowdhury was born in the state of Maharashtra, India to parents who originally belonged to East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Legacy of academic excellence runs in the families of both her parents. She had brilliant academic career but was an unwilling entry to the medical curriculum. Obedience, ideology and discipline were genetically ingrained traits hence there was no revolt against medical education, however reluctant the endeavour might have been. She completed M.B.B.S. and M.D. (Internal Medicine) with excellent academic standing and did Masters in Medical Research Methodology from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. Committed to serve fellow human beings and teach students, she joined Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Service. With vast experience of observing and treating patients from all strata of society, more so the socially marginalized, she persistently evolves her being on yogic principles which are at once transcendental, universal and personal. She regards herself as an ever enthusiastic student, learning from the book of life and existence. Writing is not an endeavour but an expression of realisation, contemplation and meditation for her. With psyche of a Bengali, spatial orientation, education in Maharashtra, widening of mental horizon by travelling to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and blessings from Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Ponchicherry, she consider herself owner of a blessed life.



Pebbles from Oceanshore of life





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