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Perks, Politics and Pandemonium Tales of Modern Society - 18 ‘storeys’ high

Author Name: Uma Sarangan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What lay behind the plush facades of Pompous Moonyside Society (PMS)? The dark corridors of power revealed themselves to those who had been witness to the fiercest battles fought during PMS’ association elections! Urmila, a long-time resident of PMS, had gotten used to the ‘Pandemonium in the Parliament’ kind of situation, during election time. But was she prepared for what was in store for her husband Srivatsan, who had opted for continuing in the new MC?

A barrage of allegations, tainting Srivatsan’s character comes to surface just a fortnight before the elections. The PMS ‘mafia’ lay it down before Srivatsan: “Step down or face public shame”. What would Srivatsan’s recourse be? How does his family bear the brunt of the dishonour perpetrated on them?

The narrative, as it unfolds through the eyes of Urmila, delves into the complex ecosystems of modern community living. From socio-political clusters, WhatsApp wars, to social diversity and new-age neighbourliness, the satirical tales take a jibe at the emergence of misguided feminism, which is also the epicentre of the allegations, bringing in a rather unexpected twist!

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Uma Sarangan

A Computer Science Postgraduate with a brief stint in the IT industry, Uma discovered that no bit of technology wizardry could overshadow her love for writing.  From dabbling in poetry during high school days to exploring other forms of writing in her decades-long career, she has essayed senior content writer roles in the travel, food, and wellness industries. But above all, what remains Uma’s soulful pursuit is ‘wielding the pen’ for social change: chiefly in women-empowerment, gender equality, and nature conservation. In this direction, her thematic poetry has won accolades in different competitions, the crowning recognition being the National Poetry Competition (by the Asian Age) winner, in the year 2007.