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Prince of Typgar Nujran and the Temporal Traversal

Author Name: Krishna Sudhir | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The much-anticipated final installment in the Prince of Typgar trilogy, Nujran and the Temporal Traversal, continues the pathbreaking adventure that began with Monks of Meirar, and took flight with Corpse in the Quadrangle. Nujran matures from being a spoilt child at the palace in Typgar to a swashbuckling hero at the University of Western Foalinaarc.  

We begin the third book in Nadii, where Nujran is an exchange student at the University of Dramsa. He realizes, to his surprise, that he is bursting with potential, and is gifted with a repertoire of special abilities. The prince is soon joined by the maestro Amsibh, and they set off to Inchea on a quest for the fugitives Yarozin and Hoanan. But their well-laid plans are sabotaged by constant threats to their lives by forces unseen. Shepherded by the wise Amsibh's innovative thinking and avuncular guidance, a brilliant scheme is hatched to save the planet and restore peace and tranquility to this universe.

Passionate romance, heart-thumping action, and stealthy intrigue are aplenty in this fast-paced final novel as we follow our heroes and villains across Syzegis. A truly fitting conclusion to an amazing trilogy. 

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Krishna Sudhir

Krishna (Krishnankutty) Sudhir is a physician, cardiologist, educator, chef, and fantasy-fiction writer. Born in Chennai, India, he is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is a senior executive in the medical device industry. 

In his academic career, he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at major Australian and American universities. He enjoys watching crime dramas, dancing to Bollywood music to improve cardiovascular health, reading magical realism fiction, and cooking heart-healthy food with global flavors. 

Passionate about educating the general public on topics in cardiology, he has authored several TED-Ed videos on public health. While well published in the medical field as the author of close to 200 publications, the Prince of Typgar trilogy has launched him into the world of fantasy fiction.