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Print Your Own Money A Wellness Guide to Financial Freedom

Author Name: Anil Monga | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

“PRINT YOUR OWN MONEY – A Wellness Guide to Financial Freedom” is a book which contains a perfect recipe for achieving success and creating money by leveraging a Giant invention called Internet.

Why this title?

Well, the idea behind the coining of this title is to live like an Entrepreneur and create your own money. It’s 100% legal if you can print your money by developing a mind set of an Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who creates money from thin air. An idea transformed into money is the role of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur gets an idea, believes firmly in it, develops a desire to achieve it, spells out a mission and vision generates to lead his team to achieve it. An Entrepreneur has the courage to think differently. An Entrepreneur creates jobs unlike employees, who have a mindset of exchanging their time for money.

Presently the world we live in has fantastic opportunities to make money online. Over 2.7 Billion users are connected to the internet and in the next decade the number of users will almost match the physical population of earth. Thousands of new products are being launched everyday world wide and the vendors need to advertise their products. The fastest space of advertising is Internet. The visibility of your product (Jo Dikhta hai wo bikta hai) is the key to success. How can the new vendors promote their sales? They do it directly or through affiliates. There are millions of affiliates who are ready to promote the products and earn up to 75 % commissions. Does this trigger your mind to think about the potential I’m talking about? Apart from promoting other people’s products if you produce your own products and sell through millions of affiliates you’re your own boss. You can make money even when you sleep.

The next couple of decades will revolutionize our living in each and every sphere of our life. Flying cars, driverless cars, bioengineering, robots, hi tech factories with no humans, 3D printing, 3D social sites, Holographs, digitized monuments, and so many other revolutions will make our lives worth living. People shall live 135 years or beyond on an average, print their food for dinner, watch holographs wherever they want to, and use wearable tech gadgets to enjoy music, videos, latest information and so on. When you are living in the Information Age you simply cannot ignore the power of internet. The sooner you embark better chances of making passive income.

If you are able to create passive income you’ll enjoy life fully as the worry of not having money or exchanging your time for making money, will dissipate. I’m a big believer that wealth is not a number or an amount, it’s an attitude and the umbilical cord to attitude is gratitude. You simply need to change your mindset to think differently and the fruits will be truly rewarding for you and your loved ones.

So fellows Print Your Own Money and become happy!!


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