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Public Speaking for the Young

Author Name: Dr Anshumali Pandey | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

About the Book:

This Book is dedicated to you. Yes YOU, the one holding this book and reading this line right now. Thank you so much for your trust and inquisitiveness. My you be a better and powerful speaker hereafter. 

Believe it or not, most of the fears of Public Speaking are self imposed. The people listening to you don’t really care how the information is disseminated, they just want the information. It’s the speaker that puts themselves through the ringer weeks before the event. Here are some tips that may seem obvious, but once completed, will really put your mind at ease. So go ahead and keep this little bundle of motivation under your pillow. A chapter a day from this book shall do wonders to your confidence. Best Wishes!! 

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Dr Anshumali Pandey

Dr. Anshumali Pandey, is a renowned & reliable name in the field of Education, Hospitality, Tourism and Tribal Food. He is a Teacher and Chef by profession, and also an Author, a Business Auditor, and an avid culinary traveller to the Indian Sub continental hinterlands. Dr. Anshumali Pandey is a Hospitality Educator (PhD) who specialises in Higher Education, Office Administration, Pay roll, HR, Labour Laws, Audit, and Procurement & Tender Process. He is an Author with 36 Publications consisting of 21 Books. 

The books written by Dr Anshumali Pandey are essentially a banquet arising from an experience of over 25 years of Professional life and have boiled down to crisp and accurate writing on his favourite subjects. Hospitality Sector champion requires to be a specialist in many fields and Dr Pandey is one of them. His knowledge is evident from the spectrum of subjects which he has chosen for his books so far, which ranges from being a specialist chef, to Master of Human resources, to Education and to love for children, and topped with Spirituality. 

Books written by the Author are – 

1.       Theory of Indian Cookery

2.       Beauty and Irony of Silvassa Tourism

3.       A Short Indian Food Story

4.       Be Your Own Guide to Indian Cuisine

5.       Cookery Fundamentals

6.       History of Indian Food

7.       The Great Indian Story Book for Children

8.       Personal Budget: Easy Work Book

9.       Online Classes Log Book

10.    Dictionary Making Work Book for School Children

11.    The Lazy Bed

12.    Hindu Dharm (In Hindi Language)

13.    Where is my coffee?

14.    Your First Job is Never your Last (Volume 1)

15.    You are Almost There (Quick Fix Resume and Interview Hacks)

16.    Working for the Enemy? - A lesson in Career Management

17.    Public Speaking for the Young

18.    A Date With Coffee

19.    How to be The Best Hotel Front Office Employee

20.    Diploma in Food Production, The complete Syllabus

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