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Quantum Gravity and Its Preponed Birth

Author Name: Dr. Ashok Saxena, Er. Ashwarya Saxena, Er. Amit Saxena | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The Geometrical string theory TREO MODEL is a compelling theory that challenges our understanding of the universe. 

By introducing energy as the fifth dimension, the model transforms the traditional space-time continuum into an omnipresent space matrix with three interdependent components: Space, Time, and Energy. According to the model, the contraction of space causes kinetic energy to erupt, and time to slow down. As the matrix contracts layer by layer in increasing number of dimensions of Space-time, it forms the fields of all four basic forces, including gravity.

While the figure on the front cover page, suggests that all bodies are pushed equally from all sides to be supported, the model proposes that when another body comes into the gravitational field of any body, both bodies get inadequate support from the common shared space matrix in between. This leads to the falling of bodies towards each other, which is perceived as the gravitational attraction of the other body.

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Dr. Ashok Saxena, Er. Ashwarya Saxena, Er. Amit Saxena

Dr Ashok Saxena started his theoretical physics journey after being intrigued by the results from a simple experiment of briefly exposing x-ray plates at fixed intervals at various places during a total solar eclipse (TSE) in 1995 at Agra, which captured unexplained streaks consistently. The extent of such streaks was much larger during the period of totality of Eclipse. It resulted in development of new concept of formation of ""Ecliptic Window"" and concluded that sporadic showers of charged particles from shadow area in ionosphere are responsible for most of TSE related effects observed on Earth including sporodic cases of complete blindness of TSE viewers. 

His focus gradually shifted to the larger unsolved problem of Gravitation and Grand Unification Theory and how it might be tackled through less conventional approaches. He developed the ideas, and refining his thesis around ""Quantum Gravitation"" as a way to resolve the unification puzzle. He first touched upon the concepts involved in Quantum Gravitation in his first book published in 2005 called ""Inside a Wave."" The ideas were still in their early stages in his next book ""Structure and Working of the Universe - Quantum Gravitation and the Fifth Dimension"" in 2015. It took further shape in July 2020 in his third book ""Treo Model of Structure and Working of the Universe - The Cosmic Code."" As it is a vast and far-reaching topic, the ideas can still be considered in this book to be in their infancy with viable birth of Quantum gravitation.



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