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Raghu’s Adventures Escapades of Raghu and his motely friends

by Abhinav Sairam

Format: Paperback

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Meet Raghu, a mischievous and playful boy, and his gang of friends Selvam, Shankar, Surya and Ganesh.

Raghu and Vishakh are sworn enemies. Raghu is constantly badgered by his old neighbors.

Ganesh is aghast when he is warned about a possible expulsion from school.

What could possibly happen?

Read on, as Raghu takes you along to experience the exciting escapades with his motely gang.

Abhinav Sairam is a twelve-year-old student who lives in Chennai with his family. His varied interests include cricket, music and robotics. He is a voracious reader and enjoys writing with a passion for humor. He loves travelling and being one with nature.

Raghu’s Adventures is Abhinav’s maiden book, where he narrates the life and adventures of a schoolboy in urban India. He also sends a subtle message about the lack of open spaces where kids can be kids!



Raghu’s Adventures





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