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Reboot to Reconquer Navigating the Afternoon of Life

by Nalin Singh

Format: Paperback

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At the peak of your professional and social pride, arrogance and financial well-being, your life will stutter and stop playing to your tune. A time when you will exchange emotions for clinical symptoms and your regrets will outnumber your hopes. A time when you have lost the moral clarity of youth and the emotional havoc within the dark chambers of your mind are sentimentally deluding you into unchartered territory. Welcome to MIDLIFE!

This book is a practical guide for mid-lifers to help them cope with the many bewildering changes that they face to conquer midlife and ultimately achieve the inner calm and strength. The author has included several real life examples as well as celeb stories to give the reader an in-depth understanding of the subject. Find out how you too can navigate midlife, achieving an inner calm and balance in all that you do, leading to a period of fulfillment and an authentic life that reflects your passions and what you want to do versus one prescribed by society or parents.

Rediscover and reclaim your destiny with Reboot to Reconquer…

Nalin Singh is a life coach and business strategy consultant to corporate leaders, celebrities, and businesses. He has held several leadership positions in India, Asia, Europe and the US; in leading corporates of the world. His rich personal experience of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship provides real-world practical insights to his writing. His previous book, Reboot to Reconquer – Navigating the Afternoon of Life, similarly dealt with the challenges of midlife and ways to deal with them. He is the co-founder of Natio Cultus Consulting, which operates one of the most successful funding events, “India Fund Fest” for entrepreneurs, among other initiatives across the globe. A sought-after speaker and writer, he has worked with leaders in over 300 companies of all sizes and in various parts of the world. He also consults with governments on setting up their startup ecosystems for optimal socio economic impact and is passionate about it.



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