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Rescued by a Feminist An Indian tale of equality and other myths

Author Name: Saloni Chopra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Packed with opinion pieces and personal anecdotes, this book explores hard-hitting themes such as feminism in modern India, love, language, family, beauty, gender roles, abuse — all the while offering comfort and solace with wit and humour sprinkled throughout. If nothing else, at least you’ll find out why society has an upset stomach these days.

Raw, relatable, powerful, often times uncomfortable, Rescued By A Feminist will make you question your prejudices and shatter your preconceived notions.

“In a parallel universe where Cinderella was an independent and outspoken woman, who neither came home before midnight nor needed a fairy godmother... maybe Prince Charming was Rescued By A Feminist.”

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Saloni Chopra

Saloni Chopra is an actor by choice and a writer by accident. While one helps her serotonin, the other helps her mortgage*.

Raised in Australia, but firmly believes it’s not where she “grew up”, because that happened in the heart of Mumbai, an over-populated city where she ironically learnt to take up more space by fighting for rights she didn’t even know she would need one day.

From falling into a puddle of quicksand and staying calm enough to not get sucked in, to the art of finding her own voice in a patriarchal society - she learnt everything in her early 20s the hard way (only one of the above is true).

There came a point when Saloni realised that if she was going to keep living a life that was such a dramatic page-turner, she may as well write a book about it.

* And she doesn’t even have a mortgage



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