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Rise Above Failure

Author Name: Niket Soni | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Joy’s dream is to become an international footballer but his family wants him to take a job and settle down. The family is barely making ends meet and the upcoming football selection is a make or break. But can there ever be only one dream in life? 

When Joy fails in the selections, he is pushed down a path that lands him in jail. When he comes out, his family disowns him so he leaves for Mumbai to work as a waiter. Little did he know that his journey would land him just where he needed to be; from being a waiter to becoming the best stand-up comedian in India.


Life is full of memories we make, but it is also about the people we meet. We are so very interested in the lives of celebrities—their struggle inspires us—but do we know the struggles of people in the real world? 

Do you know what a doctor is going through every day? 

How often do we turn to our neighbour and ask them their story? 

How often do we pause to wonder what that driver in the next car is going through? 

How often do we realise that the friend who just bought a new bungalow may be struggling financially? 

We don’t know because we don’t ask!

Rise Above Failure is a collection of short stories of people from real-life and their struggles and achievements. 


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Niket Soni

Niket Soni is one of the youngest authors in India, and he has been interviewed in India, UAE, Singapore, Canada, USA, Columbia, Spain and Nigeria.

As the author of two other novels, Niket’s books have inspired people across the globe.  His other works include Victory Over Fears, and Long Distance Love.

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Facebook - niketsoniofficial

Instagram - niketsoni10

Twitter - niketsoni2