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River of Truth

by Rev John Robert Thwaytes

Format: Paperback

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There are a vast number of superhuman persons in the spiritual realm, created perfect, but having free will like us, and , therefore, capable of turning towards evil. Among them were Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia, for example. They are not God, but, when they function perfectly in tandem with God, they may be referred to as God, or the Good Shepherd, as in Psalm 23. Signi_ cantly, the majority of them, the good ones, tell us that they first recognize the FACT of God by His River of inexhaustible energy. Meditating on this led me to put my thoughts down in this book, partly for my own spiritual good. But I am happy to share them.

I was born in England in January 1931, and went to India with my parents and elder baby brother the same year, following the bugle and the drum. Later I was sent back to do my schooling in England, and also National Service in the British Army, Seventh Armoured Division. Then I got an Honours Degree in Modern History at Oxford University, and went to India again as an Assistant manager in Binny and Company (Madras) Ltd. After finishing the three-year contract I joined a Business School at London, Ontario, Canada and was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration after one year. I then joined Maryglade Seminary, Memphis, Michigan to study for the missionary priesthood, and was ordained priest of the Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere in June 1965. Soon afterwards I was sent to West Bengal to work, and have remained here ever since. I founded the Boys Town Mal Society and Caesar School in 1973, and both are flourishing.



River of Truth





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