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Ruhani Lafz

Author Name: Reena Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

INKZOID FOUNDATION is an independent international Publishing. Platform and Writing Community along with literary Club and many more creative people such as a hub of open mic event organizers, dancers, musicians, singers, artists, podcast artists and photographers we promote them through our featuring page INKZOID Wonders that is why it is another name for opportunity and it is a family of Hard work Dedication and Creativity. We also provides World records and National records for free. Inkzoid has several official writing communities and units. Therefore, welcoming you to family of creativity which is another name for opportunity named INKZOID FOUNDATION.

Ruhani Lafz is an Anthology presented by Inkzoid foundations publication. This book contains significant and original write ups of authors in the form of poetry, shayaris, short stories & quotes in two different languages Hindi and English. Every author has different perspective in Life that we can identify in their write up and the main reason is the way of living and experiences they had in their life. Every writer is unique in their own way.In this book there are no boundaries set for writers and they are free to express their thoughts inany form, this is the reason it's Named "Ruhani Lafz" means “रूह सेनिकलेशब्द”. The book Ruhani Lafz is compiled by Reena Singh.

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Reena Singh

 Reena Singh is basically from Delhi, India. She is the author of RUHANI LAFZZ. She has completed her graduation from university of Delhi and pursuing masters in economics. Writing has been her greatest passion. She has been writing poetries and shayaris from last 5 years as she was very active in curriculum activities and worked for college magazines as a editor for continuous 3 years to describe her passion for writing. She tries to 
express her thoughts by writing whenever she gets time or thoughts comes in mind. She believes that express your thought by writing is very important and effective way to convey your emotions and feelings. In this book she has written about love and compiled the book.