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SAMBHAVAMI An Epic of War and Liberation

Author Name: Dr. Ramu Ganji | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Within the sacred depths of the ancient language, Sanskrit, emerges the profound term: SAMBHAVAMI. Its essence resonates with the divine promise that the Almighty shall descend, stretching forth a helping hand when all hope teeters on the precipice of despair. As you traverse the pages of this enthralling war novel, with every word consumed, the title itself shall reveal its mysterious connection to the tale woven within.

The story is set in a bygone era, within a realm of imagination where Kings and tribals had rivalry for a century. As you enter deep into the story, prepare to witness the intricate web of strategies woven by the rulers, the indomitable intellect and resourcefulness of the tribals to strike back the strategies. The relentless rivalry between these two forces sets the stage for an epic clash, a battle waged not only for supremacy but entwined with the intricate threads of friendship, betrayal, love, and seething jealousy.

Within this thrilling tale, one shall encounter captivating elements like a cursed tribal chieftain, an immortal monarch who defies time, formidable stone-bodied tribesmen, treacherous cannibals, and spies lurking in the shadows. Brace yourself for a roller coaster ride through the tumultuous tapestry of human emotions in this gripping war novel.



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Dr. Ramu Ganji

In the quiet town of Nalgonda, Telangana, India, the author of the book, Dr Ramu Ganji was raised amidst the hum of everyday life. From his earliest years, his passion for medicine was kindled, leading him to pursue MBBS degree. Soon, he ventured into the realm of internal medicine, setting his sights on practicing in the United Kingdom.

Yet, there was more to him than just a doctor's coat. Deep within his soul, the fire of mythology burned brightly, ignited by his father, Mr. Venkateshwarlu. Together, they would watch films depicting the rich tapestry of mythological tales, and it was through those shared experiences that his curiosity flourished. Inspired by those stories, he delved into the depths of mythology, untangling the threads of truth from the fabric of fiction.

In the midst of it all, with his father himself a writer of tales (albeit unpublished), he found himself imbued with his storytelling prowess, and during his high school days, his mind wove countless fictional narratives. Although the pressures of his chosen path hindered his progress, in 2016, a spark ignited within him. Motivated by my newfound understanding of the epic Mahabharata, he embarked on a quest to weave a tale both historical and fantastical. Now, with the completion of the first part of this novel, he is eager to finish the series and bring his vision to fruition.