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Sand & Sea Footprints in the Sand

Author Name: Ann D'Silva | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details


People don’t believe in the unseen, anymore,

Only in things they can see for sure.

They say love and soulmates exist no more,

Yet they breathe an unseen air to live for sure.


Not every story begins in the here and now. Some transit through time never ending. If time were to cease, then some things would live forever…

It began in the garden beneath which rivers flow, the place where the Sand and the Sea were born before creation ­– the first soulmates, the two halves of one whole, the two parts of the eternity sign.

A part Koli, East Indian Catholic, Hannah lives in Mumbai where the Sea always watches over her. Yet her dreams are haunted by a voice that calls to her through the breeze… True love walks beside her in another life, yet she is unable to find a way back in time.

Riddled with disappointment and distressing heartbreak, she is hopelessly drawn to the path the Universe has laid before her feet. Drawn to Istanbul, she finds part of the puzzle in the Ezan of the Blue Mosque.

Could the man from her dreams be real?

What could an Indian woman and a Turkish Imam have in common?

Will Hannah find what she searches for?

Only those who believe will pass the test.

Everyone has their own journey; some get on to the path and to some, the path comes calling.

This is the tale of the Sand and the Sea,

Hanging on the edge of wait, watch and let’s see.

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Ann D'Silva

The Indian writer hails from the city that never sleeps Mumbai, she has spent over two decades in the corporate world in senior management roles across the globe. She is a humanitarian, passionate about CSR, her initiative India Heart works for women empowered with rural women in India. Passionate about words, she eventually discovered that writing is her calling and storyteller an expression of her creativity. She is an avid traveler, blogger, fashionista, and entrepreneur. She relocated to Turkey in 2019 and lives in İstanbul.

Her second book from the Trilogy Sand and Sea; Child of Two Worlds is scheduled for release in 2021 and her first book Footprints in the Sand is translated in Turkish.