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Sanskaaram The Relevance of Vedic Science in Hinduism

Author Name: Ar. K. Shivkumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

·       Which are the four major traditions of Hinduism?

·       Why do we offer Jal (water) to Surya (sun)?

·       What is the meaning of ‘AUM’ & ‘SWASTIKA’ symbols in Vedic culture?

·       What are the ‘7’ series of vows of ‘SAPTAPADI’ (Saatphere) during the Marriage ceremony?

·       How do we perform the ‘ANTHESTI SANSKAAR’ – the death rituals for disposing the body to the Panchatatvas?


SANSKAARAM introduces the reader about Hinduism tradition & culture, Vedic rites & rituals to be performed in different stages of life and Relevance of Aum, Swastika and Bhagavad Gita, guiding us to understand the relevance of Vedic Science in Hinduism.

The ‘ABR’ Concept – (Act, Belief & Relevance) convinces the scientific relevance of the rites & rituals performed at particular period and its meaning and importance in accordance with Vedic culture.

An introduction to Vedic customary culture and its practices has been highlighted through major festivals and custom oriented rituals and rites performed by us throughout our most important phases of our life, which eases and enriches our lives with full of effective (instant feel-so-good) positive vibrations.

ANTESHTI YATRA - (The final journey of LIFE) is dealt in-depth, to create an awareness in the society and among the youth to know the ways and means to dispose the dead body back to the PANCHTATVAH.   It is represented by a FLOW DIAGRAM to understand and analyze this traditional Vedic culture at a glance.

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Ar. K. Shivkumar

Ar. K. SHIVKUMAR  –  [B. Arch;  MIBA]

A qualified Professional Architect graduated from Sir J.J. College of Architecture – Mumbai University along with an International Business Administration Degree from Faculty of Management Studies – Benaras Hindu University with an overall 25+ years of Professional exposure in Project Management Consultancy.

The author's inclination and basic understanding of Vedic culture and holistic health approaches, combined with witnessing the challenging experiences of defending one's health during the global Covid-19 pandemic crises, drove him to conceptualize the book "SAPTAMSIDHI"- the principally conceptualized book, followed by other additional titles SANSKAARAM, PRANOYUGAM, AAROGYAVEDA, & SAPTAGYANAM.

All these titles discuss and guide the various holistic health approaches in sync with Indian Vedic culture and their impact and relevance in today’s contemporary lifestyles, directing us for attaining a Healthier, Happier and Stress-free Life.