Ar. K. SHIVKUMAR  –  [ B. Arch;  MIBA ]   A qualified Professional Architect graduated from Sir J.J. College of Architecture – Mumbai University along with an International Business Administration Degree from Faculty of Management Studies – Benaras Hindu University with an overall 25+ years of Professional exposure in Project Management Consultancy.   The author's inclination and basic understanding of Vedic culture and holistic health approaches, combined with witnessing the challenging experiences of defending one's health during the global Covid-19 pandemic crises, drove him to cRead More...



Books by Ar. K. Shivkumar

·       Which are the four major traditions of Hinduism?

·       Why do we offer Jal (water) to Surya (sun)?

·       What is the meaning of ‘AUM’ & ‘SWASTIKA’ symbols in Vedic culture?

·       What are the ‘7’ series of vows of ‘SAPTAPADI’ (Saatphere) during the Marriage ceremony?

·       How do we perform the ‘ANTHESTI SANSKAAR’ – the death rituals for dis

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Books by Ar. K. Shivkumar

SAPTAGYANAM acquaints the reader with the ‘7’ Introductory topics about the universal HOLISTIC HEALTH APPROACHES practiced worldwide through ages as an alternate remedial measure for minimizing the cause and effects from natural energy of the cosmos, directly impacting the human existence, based on thought-full study contents, unfolding curiosities and interpretation leading to conclusions.

For E.g.: - VAASTUTATVAH explains the influen

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Books by Ar. K. Shivkumar

PUSHPANJALI directs us toward the path of Spiritualism, through ‘VOM SHASTRA’ (Vedic Omkaar Mantra). It gives us an overview of the Spiritual Initiation process and leads us through the recitation of One-liner Vedic Customary Mantras, which raises our internal vibration and influences us positively along with the external natural environment in our routine modern LIFESTYLE, amidst all of our busy schedule, in order to keep a calm and p

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Books by Ar. K. Shivkumar

AAROGYAVEDA educates readers about Modern Holistic Health Approaches, which is THE NEED OF THE HOUR in our contemporary times of living and lifestyle disorders.                         

In the age of the internet, extroverted lifestyles, and quick satisfaction, these proactive guided exercises will aid in the development and enhancement of our physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.



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Books by Ar. K. Shivkumar

This book is an attempt to change your Outlook on ‘LIFE’ & ways of maintaining its ‘HEALTH’ - offering new positive solutions in Vedic context.

HOLISTIC HEALTH truly refers to a way of living. 

It emphasizes the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in its pursuit for optimal health, wellness, and well-being, considering the whole individual and the environment, rather than focusing only on illness or specific body parts.

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