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Saptamsidhi A Vedic Approach to Modern Lifestyle ‘A Holistic Concept’

Author Name: Ar. K. Shivkumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

This book is an attempt to change your Outlook on ‘LIFE’ & ways of maintaining its ‘HEALTH’ - offering new positive solutions in Vedic context.

HOLISTIC HEALTH truly refers to a way of living. 

It emphasizes the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in its pursuit for optimal health, wellness, and well-being, considering the whole individual and the environment, rather than focusing only on illness or specific body parts.

What is the first & the foremost step before getting down from bed - PUSHPANJALI
How to avoid ‘LIFESTYLE DISORDERS’, in today’s trending Lifestyle - AAROGYAM
What is your ‘B0DY CONSTITUTION TYPE’ and how to balance it - AYURVEDA
How to determine the Auspicious moments of the days & nights - SAPTAGYANAM
How to awaken our ‘7’ body energy chakras, step-by-step - DHAYANAM
How to perform ‘SURYANAMASKARA’ for its 360* effects - PRANAYOGAM
How to perform ‘ANTHESTI SANSKAAR’ - rituals & rites  - SANSKAARAM

"SAPTAMSIDHI" is a concept related to holistic health approaches, through the ‘7’ PGR MEASURES (PREVENTIVE, GUIDING & REMEDIAL), in which all topics are interconnected, interwoven, and interrelated between them and among themselves, influenced by the origin of Hinduism Vedic Life Culture.

It is a "SELF HELP GUIDE" that instructs the reader to embrace any of THE 7-CONCEPTS of "HOLISTIC HEALTH APPROACHES" or to combine them all to avoid falling prey to MODERN LIFESTYLE DISORDERS.

TABULAR FORMATS (TF) are condensed contents in a table format (23) that give the reader a quick peek at the whole summary and the highlighted key points of each chapter on a single page.                                           

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Ar. K. Shivkumar

Ar. K. SHIVKUMAR  –  [B. Arch;  MIBA]

A qualified Professional Architect graduated from Sir J.J. College of Architecture – Mumbai University along with an International Business Administration Degree from Faculty of Management Studies – Benaras Hindu University with an overall 25+ years of Professional exposure in Project Management Consultancy.

The author's inclination and basic understanding of Vedic culture and holistic health approaches, combined with witnessing the challenging experiences of defending one's health during the global Covid-19 pandemic crises, drove him to conceptualize the book "SAPTAMSIDHI"- the principally conceptualized book, followed by other additional titles SANSKAARAM, PRANOYUGAM, AAROGYAVEDA, & SAPTAGYANAM.

All these titles discuss and guide the various holistic health approaches in sync with Indian Vedic culture and their impact and relevance in today’s contemporary lifestyles, directing us for attaining a Healthier, Happier and Stress-free Life.