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Scars To Your Beautiful

Author Name: Pragati Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

If you get a chance to speak what your soul feels and not what your mind dictates 

What will be the words you’ll use to express your entangled soul and heart? 

This book is for you, who wants to squeeze out their feelings but are wandering lost in the maze of the mind. 

The Confession of an entangled soul; who understands the unsaid, unexplained aspect of an individual and empowers the heart to let it out in open. Because the world needs more of those who speak through their eyes and endure everything they feel. 

This book contains quotes, stories, poems, and shayaris covering the matters of heart, soul, and eyes; helping the lost minds discern their true essence. 

I dedicate this book to my parents wholeheartedly, thank my family and my special friend for all the support through thick and thin.

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Pragati Singh

PRAGATI SINGH is a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. For her, the world becomes a pretty place to survive only when the words come into play to describe everything she feels. Writing soothes her heart, takes away all that pain commercial life throws at her, and gives her a sense of possession of something infrequent. Pragati believes writing is an inimitable way of conveying the unsaid, unexplained, and indelible. Escaping in a world where words convey the feelings; where the unsaid is spoken and where unexplained is understood is what coerced Pragati into the universe of writing. Most of her work is based on her personal experiences and lessons life taught her. Being an over-thinker it’s often difficult for her to unveil her true desires, feelings, and emotions; and that’s how few adjectives and some words come into action and become an art; A poem, A quote, A Shayari of Pragati’s personal diary. It’s her way of finding answers to her unresolved issues and a way of living in a reverie. 

Her heart overpowers her mind and that’s why she often is found writing about what a person’s heart aspires and about how much importance love holds in her life. Her world revolves around her parents and few people whom she loves boundlessly. This book is close to her heart and is one of her dreams that has come true. She dedicates her work of compiling this anthology to her parents entirely.