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Screaming Whispers

Author Name: Shreya Vijay | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

‘Screaming Whispers' encompasses a plethora of poems that are the creation of a  young woman's mind. With each stroke of the pen, the ink stained the paper and these poems were birthed.

The underlying theme of the book is based on how writing serves as therapy for the author. She seeks to awaken the souls of her readers to a wide spectrum of emotions that are otherwise, often taken for granted. Most of the themes of her poems are borrowed from something she has felt deeply or has witnessed from the sidelines.

Via the medium of her poems, she wishes to instigate lasting impact on her readers and make them appreciate the subtle art of poetry. All the poems in this book are not mere literary pieces. They are the pieces of her soul. Now that they are with you, please keep them safe.

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Shreya Vijay

Shreya Vijay is an emerging author, poet, freelance content writer, book reviewer, and visionary, aiming to help her readers see the world in a different hue via the medium of her poems. Shreya possesses extreme love for poetry which is on the cusp of obsession.

She mostly writes dark, deep, and intense poetry, which lures the reader in only to teleport them to a world of fantasy, love & borderline mania, all the while holding a firm grip over the essence of reality. All her writings are sure to make the reader question their sanity & challenge their perception.

Apart from that, she is also an all-time music addict & a nyctophile. When she is not writing, she can be found with earphones dangling from her ears, grooving to whatever song is her song of the week.

Her two books, ‘Midnight Whispers’ & ‘From a Teenager’s Diary,’ are available for purchase from Amazon Kindle. She currently lives in Jaipur, India, with her parents, where she’s doing her Psych majors.