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Shivambu Nectar of Life Cure Coronavirus, Cancer, HIV, Diabetes and All Diseases from A to Z

Author Name: Jagdish R. Bhurani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

“SHIVAMBU – Nectar of LIFE” Book has been published in the Educational Sections on the Secret of Excellent Health for every-one to maintain a Healthy Life. “SHIVAMBU known as URINE Therapy” is an entirely drug-less effective system of healing all kinds of Chronic Diseases.

Urine Therapy is the Ancient method of treatment. Reference of Urine Therapy is found in the 5000 year old documents called Damar Tantra in the Vedas. Urine is referred to as “SHIVAMBU” as the holy liquid. According to them, Urine is more nutritious than Milk. “SHIVAMBU – Auto Urine Therapy” is the ancient method of treatment which has been recommended by Lord SHIVA was practiced in INDIA and it is now being practiced in all over the countries throughout the World.

SHIVAMBU – Urine Therapy is not a waste product. Urine is the watery part of the blood filtered by the Kidney. Urine contains 95% of water and 5% of proteins and vitamins. Urine is the Nectar of Life if it is adopted in the proper method. Urine can BOOST the Immunity and Relieves the Sufferings of mankind. It can Prevent, Control and Cure Coronavirus, Cancer, HIV, Diabetes and all kind of diseases from A to Z.

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Jagdish R. Bhurani

In 1993, Jagdish R Bhurani along with his wife had attended the first “All India Conference of URINE THERAPY” held in Goa. Thereafter the author researched the proper method and technique to achieve benefits SHIVAMBU known as Urine Therapy. The author started his mission to create Awareness on the Benefits of Urine Therapy by providing Free Social Service to help the people suffering from various kinds of Diseases.

He has treated and CURED thousands of people suffering from COVID-19, CANCER, HIV, Diabetes and all other Chronic Diseases with SHIVAMBU -Urine Therapy. He has highlighted more than 100 testimonies of people who have achieved Benefits from India, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, China, and USA and all over the countries in the World. Testimonials are the Proven Facts and Live Evidence that SHIVAMBU-Urine Therapy is the Best Universal Remedy for all kinds of diseases.

The author has posted letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Health Minister, NICO, ICMR, WHO and various Health Departments. He has attached the Photo copy of the letters in his Book “SHIVAMBU – Nectar of Life”.  According to the author's opinion, the Government can SAVE Billions of Rupees and SAVE Millions of LIFE by Promoting SHIVAMBU- URINE Therapy.



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