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Should the Story Have Been Untold?

by Veesem

Format: Paperback

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Krishna, a young engineer and bachelor, comes in contact with a dysfunctional married couple Balan and Mythili in an industrial town, KGF. Balan and Krishna are employees of the same factory in different departments. As the contact deepens, Krishna gets trapped in a strange relationship involving the three of them. While his relationship with Mythili turns into love, the one with Balan turns distressing. As time marches ahead, Krishna develops a sense of guilt and shame. He waits for an opportunity to come out of that emotional swirl. Finally, he succeeds by moving out of KGF to Mysore.

But, at what cost?

A heart-warming story sure to tug heart strings of the reader.

V Sreenivasa Murthy is a mechanical engineer by profession with long-standing experiences in middle and senior level management. He has published a couple of technical papers in national conventions on quality and reliability during his service in engineering industries. After his retirement, he took up writing fiction and fact-based fiction novels under the pen name, Veesem. He is the author of two other books, Peeping at the Pop Ups and Thoughts From the Outer Edge of My Mind.



Should the Story Have Been Untold?





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